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Polarization Maintaining (PM) FIxed Fiber Optic Attenuators

   Gould's high quality passive, all-fiber, High Extinction Ratio Polarization Maintaining (PM) fixed fiber optic attenuators can be manufactured to a customer specified optical attenuation level. Gould's fiber optic attenuators are an excellent choice for Test, Measurement & Sensor applications.
Polarization Maintaining Fiber Optic Attenuators Features
  • Fixed Optical Attenuation
  • Excellent Precision
  • High Extinction Ratio


  • Optical Power Attenuation
  • Telecom Sensors
  • Test and Measurement

Optical Specifications
In-line Fixed Attenuators Specifications
Wavelength (nm) See the fiber and wavelengths table on the right
Attenuation Values in dB 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,15,20
Insertion Loss Tolerance (dB) 1 - 3 =±0.3
4 =±0.4
5 - 20 = +0.5
Extinction Ratio (dB) 20
Fiber Type (µm) See the fiber and wavelengths table on the right
Back Reflection (dB) ≥ 60
Fibers & Wavelengths
Fiber Code Description Wavelengths (nm)
83 NUFERN PM1550-HP 1510, 1520 (increasing by 10nm) up to 1650
84 CORNING PM98-U25A-H 970,980 (increasing by 10nm) up to 1070
85 NUFERN PM1300-HP 1280,1290 (increasing by 10nm) up to 1360
86 CORNING PR PM13-U25A-H 1280,1290 (increasing by 10nm) up to 1360
87 NUFERN PM14XXC-HP 1400,1410 (increasing by 10nm) up to 1590
89 NUFERN PM780C-A 760,770 (increasing by 10nm) up to 960
90 NUFERN PM980C-HP 970,980 (increasing by 10nm) up to 1070
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