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   Gould offers a wide breadth of products consisting of: singlemode and multimode couplers/splitters, CWDMs, wavelength division multiplexers (WDMs), single and dual window couplers, DWDMs, tree and star couplers, attenuators, polarization maintaining couplers, interconnect devices, Fiber Bragg Grating packaging, planar waveguide technologies.

   Gould couplers are manufactured using the fused biconical taper process(FBT). The process consists of placing two or more fibers adjacent to each other, then fusing and stretching them to create a central coupling region. Having perfected the FBT process over the years, Gould supplies superior components in both reliability and performance.

   Our Planar Waveguide splitters are manufactured in a clean room environment using Ion-Exchange based manufacturing stations. We have the capability to build plc (planar lightwave circuits) chips and package them to specific customer needs.

   Also Gould Fiber Optics developed a GlasSolderTM process (U.S Patent numbers 5,500,917 and 5,682,453) for making a glass-to-glass bond between optical fibers and a silica substrate. This bond is much stronger than epoxy and is not susceptible to degradation from humidity.

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