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About Gould Fiber Optics

   Gould Fiber Optics, a leading manufacturer of passive fiber optic products, recently celebrated its twenty-fifth year as a leader in the research, development and manufacturing of highly reliable fiber optic components and integrated assembly solutions. We have served numerous industries such as government, military, aerospace, sensors, medical and telecommunications, etc

  Gould established its fiber optic component manufacturingleadership by developing the fused biconical taper (FBT) process beginning in 1978, the first low loss, polarization insensitive, FBT single mode splitter/coupler in 1981, and by beginning commercial production in 1983..
  Over the last twenty five years Gould has grown to be a global leader in the industry and is responsible for pioneering new fiber optic products and manufacturing methods. Gould Fiber Optics has been awarded many patents on design, build and packaging various optical fibers and integrated optics based components with high optical specifications and harsh environmental operating conditions. Chief among those would be Gould's highly acclaimed GlasSolderTM manufacturing process, a specialized bonding technique that has created remarkable advances in field reliability and athermal packaging.

Our strength

Today, Gould holds patents on a variety of important fiber optics components plus the GlasSolderTM manufacturing process, a new glass-to-glass bonding technique that increases field reliability. Please checkout our Patents page also for more information regarding our patents.

We have an ISO 9001:2015 certified state of the art product manufacturing facility in Millersville, Maryland. We have the product engineering skills and capabilities to design, manufacture and test a wide range of fiber optic products and integrated optics solutions.

  When your success is dependent on surviving harsh environmental conditions, Gould Fiber Optics is your optical fiber component solution.

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