High Temperature Fiber Optic Couplers & Optical Splitters

   Gould's high temperature couplers are excellent choice for continuous operation at temperatures of 250°C and higher and this ability is made possible by Gould's patented GlasSolderTM manufacturing technology. With GlasSolderTM, the sensitive functional portions of the component are bonded to the package with a high-temperature glass/ceramic material, eliminating dependence on organic materials (such as epoxy) for structural support. This high-temperature advantage is available only from Gould!. Please contact sales for more details.
  • Guaranteed continuous operation at 250°C
  • High Temperature GlasSolderTM Bonding Technology
  • Polyimide Bonded Fiber
  • High Temperature Strain-Relief Materials
  • Available for Most Gould Couplers with Standard Specifications and Package Sizes.

  • Down-Hole Monitoring (Oil & Gas Exploration)
  • Airframe Monitoring
  • Combustion Monitoring
    (Turbines, Engines)
  • DTS Sensors and Smart Structures

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