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Fiber Optic Integrated Solutions and Prototype Group

   Gould has a large facility to provide highly advanced integrated solutions and services to a number of industries ranging from telecom, oil and gas to defense. We have the capability to incorporate a variety of Gould and non-Gould manufactured fiber optic products in an integrated solution specifically tailored to your applications.

We design, build, package, ruggedize and fully test to deliver a complete turnkey custom solution.

   Gould's Integrated Solutions Group specializes in the design, test and manufacture of advanced integrated fiber optic solutions. We Incorporate active and passive Gould fiber optic and non-Gould manufactured optic products in an integrated solution for your applications. The telecommunications industry's explosive growth has influenced the increase in demand for faster time to market, hence, the need of completely tested solutions. We specializes in custom design and packaging of both passive and active components as well as connectorization, splicing Low Reflection Terminations (LRT), and the assembly of subsystems, concatenated devices, hybrid and custom configurations. To take advantage of this service, indicate your packaging and/or connectorization needs when ordering.

Gould's highly skilled team offers:
  • High volume production
  • Custom designed enclosures, trays, modules and assemblies
  • Extensive connectorization
  • Custom Thermal Compensating Fiber Bragg Grating packaging (TC-FBG)
  • Complex routing, termination and assembly
  • Complete sub system testing

Why Gould Fiber Optics is your best ISG solution?
  • US Built, State-of-the-Art ISO 9001 Certified US Manufacturing Facility
  • Agility & scalability
  • Both ISG and Component Production Capabilities
  • Stability
  • Custom Packaging Capabilities
  • Use of GlasSolderTM
  • Sub-System Testing
  • Active, Passive, Planars
  • THE FACT that Gould produces over 70% of components used in our
    optical integration products...CONTROLLING COSTS

Fiber Optic Product Prototype Group

Gould specializes in customized components and subsystems. Our prototype group provides variations on standard products, including custom wavelengths as well as developing unique products. Such devices, which are difficult to fabricate using standard production techniques but fall short of formal engineering or product development requirements, are their specialties. Call sales for more information.

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