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Multimode (MM) Fiber Optic Power Combiners

   The Truly Fused multimode Power & Pump Combiners provide very high coupling efficiency over a wide wavelength range from multiple sources into one output fiber. Gould's proprietary fusion process offers very high coupling efficiency, high Optical power handling, zero-alignment, low insertion loss and back reflection.
  • Low Optical Loss
  • High Pump Efficiency
  • Medical Applications
  • Laser and Spectroscopy Applications
  • Sensors
  • Defense

Fiber Optic Multimode Power Combiners
Parameter Specification
Operating Wavelengths (nm) MM Input 800-1000
SM Input 1550
Pump Efficiency % See configuration table
Package (mm) (exclude boot lengths) 70x12x8, Bare Fiber
Operating Temperature (°C) -20 TO +70
Storage Temperature (°C) -40 TO +85

Configurations Currently Available for MPCB Family:
Ports Input Fiber Code* Output Fiber Code* Pump Efficiency (%)
2x1 M01 M02 >85
3x1 M01 M03 >93
3x1 M02 M03 >88
3x1 M02 M04 >93
4x1 S03 M01 >90
4x1 M01 M03, M04 >90
4x1 M02 M04 >90
7x1 M01, M02 M04 >90
7x1 M02 M05 >90
7x1 M02 D01, D02 >90
7x1 M02, M03 D03 >90
19x1 M01, M02 D01, D02 >90

Fiber Code Table for Multimode Power/Pump Combiners
Fiber Code Description Vendor
S03 SMF-28TM Corning
M01 105/125um, 0.15NA Nufern
M02 105/125um, 0.22NA Nufern
M03 200/220um, 0.22NA Nufern
M04 125um, 0.46NA Nufern
M05 200um, 0.46NA Nufern
D01 25/250um DCF Liekki
D02 30/250um DCF Nufern
D03 20/400um 0.06/0.46NA, DCF Nufern

Ordering Information
Fiber Optic Multimode Power Combiners
  • Specifications are based on non-connectorized products. For connectorized specifications, please contact sales for details. Custom optical & mechanical configurations are available upon request.
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