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N+1 X 1 Multimode (MM) Fiber Optic Pump Combiners

   Gould's multimode (MM) fiber optic pump combiners feature high Optical power handling, low loss and high coupling efficiency from multimode pump fibers to singlemode signal fiber.
  • Low Optical Loss
  • Medical Applications
  • Laser and Spectroscopy
  • Applications
  • Sensors
  • Defense

Multimode Pump Combiners
Parameter Specification
Operating Wavelengths (nm) 1060 or 1550
Signal IL and Pump Efficiency (%) See configuration table
Package (mm) (exclude boot lengths) 70x12x8, Bare Fiber
Operating Temperature (°C) -20 TO +70
Storage Temperature├é┬á (°C) -40 TO +85

Configurations Currently Available for MPCS Family
Ports Work WL(nm) Fiber Code Specifications
Signal In Pump In Output Signal IL Pump
Efficiency (%)
(2+1)x1 1060 S27, D04 M02 D04 <0.5dB >90
(2+1)x1 1060 S27, D07-D09 M02 D07-D09 <0.5dB >90
(2+1)x1 1060 D01, D02 M03 D10 <0.5dB >90
(2+1)x1 1550 S03, D05 M02 D05 <0.5dB >90
(3+1)x1 1060 D09 M01,M02 D09 <0.7dB >85
(6+1)x1 1060 S27, D04 M01 D04, D07-D09 <0.7dB >90
(6+1)x1 1060 S27, D04 M02 D04, D07-D09 <0.7dB >85
(6+1)x1 1060 S27 M01 D11 <0.7dB >90
(6+1)x1 1060 D09 M02 D11 <0.7dB >90
(6+1)x1 1060 S27 M02 D01, D03 <0.7dB >90
(6+1)x1 1550 S03 M01 D06 <0.7dB >90
(6+1)x1 1550 S03 M01, M02 D11 <0.7dB >90
(6+1)x1 1550 D06 M01 D06 <0.7dB >90
Fiber Code Table for Multimode Power/Pump Combiners
Fiber Code Description Vendor
S03 SMF-28TM Corning
S27 HI 1060 Corning
M01 105/125um, 0.15NA Nufern
M02 105/125um, 0.22NA Nufern
M03 200/220um, 0.22NA Nufern
D01 25/250um DCF Liekki
D02 30/250um DCF Nufern
D03 20/400um 0.06/0.46NA, DCF Nufern
D04 6/125um 0.14/0.46NA (1060-GDF) CorActive
D05 7/125um 0.12/0.46NA (1550-GDF) Nufern
D06 8/125um 0.14/0.46NA CorActive
D07 10/125um 0.08/0.46NA Liekki
D08 15/125um 0.12/0.46NA CorActive
D09 20/125um 0.08/0.46NA Liekki
D10 25/250um 0.06/0.46NA Nufern
D11 20/200um 0.11/0.46NA Nufern

Ordering Information
Fiber Optic Multimode Pump Combiner
  • Please provide pump wavelength, pump power and signal wavelength when ordering.
  • Specifications are based on non-connectorized products. For connectorized specifications, please contact sales for details. Custom optical & mechanical configurations are available upon request.
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