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Patents Issued to Gould Fiber Optics

   Over the last twenty five years Gould has grown to be a global leader in the industry and is responsible for pioneering new fiber optic products and manufacturing methods. Gould Fiber Optics has been awarded many patents on design, build and packaging various optical fibers and integrated optics based components with high optical specifications and harsh environmental operating conditions. Chief among those would be Gould's highly acclaimed GlasSolderTM manufacturing process, a specialized bonding technique that has created remarkable advances in field reliability and athermal packaging.
Patent Portfolio of Gould Fiber Optics

   Gould Fiber Optics recently celebrated its 25 year history. During this vast period of time Gould invented many innovative methods & processes to improve product manufacturing & packaging to ensure our products perform in the field with superior dependability.

Below is a list of our flagship patents:
  • GlasSolderTM Packaging -U.S. Patents #5,682,453 & 500,917
  • U.S. Patent #5,809,198, Low Reflection Optical Fiber Termination Device and Method of Using same (LRTTM) and know-how to build for single mode and multimode fibers to achieve high directivity or used separately as pigtails or bulkhead connectors
  • U.S. Patent #5,644,666, Broadband Optical Fiber Coupler and Method of Making
  • US Patent # 6,862,385 Tap Monitor
  • US Patent # 6,865,322 Fiber Optic Device with Enhanced Environmental Resistance
  • US Patent # 6,741,774 Fiber Optic Device with Enhanced Resistance to Environmental Conditions and Method
  • U.S. Patent #6,636,670, Device for Generating Electrical Signal That is a Function of the Optical Power in Optical Fiber and Method of Forming the Same.
  • Patent #01/03526, Wave guide Structure to Transform a Single Gaussian Mode into a Wider Mode or into a Multi-Gaussian-lobes Mode
  • Patent #027475375, Transfer element between various optical components and its manufacturing process
  • Patent # 10698931 Design of a wavelength independent 2XN splitter.
  • Patent #02/00855 Device for Positioning Optical Fibers in an Integrated Optics package
  • Patent #444.1-2217, Device for Holding Positioning, & indexing a non-circular optical fiber & assembly with an integrated optics chips
  • Patent#01/05315, 1D Fiber Array Unit Design & Assembly for Holding & Positioning 900 micron Fibers.
  • Patent#01/12756, 2D Fiber Array Unit Design & Assembly for Holding & Positioning Optical Fibers; way to Manufacture it.
  • Patent#01/16679, Water Tight packaging for Passive Optical Components, including Fiber Feed-Through & Stress Release Elements

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