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Fiber Optic Product Testing

   Gould's fiber optic components earn their reputation in the field, but to help achieve this high level of performance, all fiber optics couplers/splitters and wavelength division multiplexers are rigorously tested prior to shipping. This includes repackaged products and those built by our Integrated Services Group.

   All product design, manufacturing and testing activities are done under the exacting standards of Gould's ISO 9001 certified quality system.

Depending on the components and its application, test may include:
  • Optical splitting loss
  • Optical Insertion Loss
  • Optical excess loss
  • polarization sensitivity
  • thermal stability
  • back reflection
  • wavelength dependence loss
  • isolation and near-end cross-talk.

   Gould's environmental test lab is equipped with several environmental test chambers that can test many components at once. Components are subjected to heat cold and humidity in the chambers shown above. The vibration station, below, allows Gould to test components in-house from 2 to 6200Hz and 0 to 200g's.

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